Help me change my rating


Hi friends I accidently gave a bad rating to a good guy. I want to change my 3.7 rating to a 5 on rakibul_hasan. Can any admin help me?


You need to contact customer support and let them know. They will be able to help you.

Another option would be to tell your seller to request a feedback change through the resolution center.


Tell your good guy to send you a review modification request. You can then edit his review but be careful this time as it is available to you only once.


lol it’s a 5-star satisfactory experience.

EDIT: just to be clear, the change was made, but the written part of the review was left as-is, which is what I’m lolling about.


How did you accidentally give the good guy a bad rating?


Oh, it was a 3.7 star outstanding experience.

Anyway, OP, mistakes happen. At least, you’re willing to change it. @annai80 and @saddu_writer have given the best possible advice. Maybe you’d come back here to tell us the result?