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Help me checking my GIGs and my fiverr profile

I want some experts to check my GIGs to know either they need any correction. My GIGs impressions, clicks and views are well. But I do not get any order till now. So can any expert tell me that is there any problem or need any correction? Help me please.
The links are here:

I also want some experts to check my fiverr profile. So please check my profile and help me by telling that is there any correction needed to get order?

Help me out please!

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Well, I’ll start by pointing out your FAQ:

Can you provide service as per client’s instruction?
Yes, I can provide service as per client’s instruction.

This strikes me as vague and unhelpful if I was looking at buying a gig.

Instead - you could highlight your past experience or ask specific questions that a buyer would ask and answer them. Maybe have 3 or more specific FAQs rather than one vague FAQ.

Do you have previous experience as a Virtual Assistant?
Yes, I’ve worked for over 25 clients in the past 2 years.


Thank you so much for your kind help!
It is a great help for me.

Can you please tell me why don’t I get any buyer’s request for the last two days? How should I reply to buyer request to get order? How should I create offer?

This was answered in your post yesterday:


I am new here and need help and suggestion about the Gigs which i have created i want someone to have a look and suggest me either i have made my gigs in a good or bad way thanks if there need any correction please suggest me it will be a great favour thnaks