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Help me checking my two GIGs and my fiverr profile

I want some experts to check my GIGs to know either they need any correction. My GIGs impressions, clicks and views are well. But I do not get any order till now. So can any expert tell me that is there any problem or need any correction? Help me please.
The links are here:

I also want some experts to check my fiverr profile. So please check my profile and help me by telling that is there any correction needed to get order?

Help me out please!

Hi Fariha83,

You’ve been a member on Fiverr since 2015. How long have your gigs been running?

Your data entry gig doesn’t look awful as it is, but you may wish to change a few things if it’s been live for a long time but still hasn’t earned an order.

I think one thing you could improve regardless is the quality of English used in your gig description. In it are a few minor grammar errors and sentences that don’t really make sense.


Thank you so much for your kind help!
My GIGs have been running for last one week.

I think that, I didn’t make any grammar error in my GIGs. Because if I made then there would be a red underline. But as you tell me, I will look up to it. However, I will try to change my data entry GIG. But what about my virtual assistant GIG?
Can you please tell me that writing my skills in a list is good or bad?
What should I do to get order?

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Cool. We’ll focus on the first part of your gig description, because that’s the part people will see first.

Data Entry is a very important task for any business organization who tries to be improved. It is a very sensitive task that needs to do very carefully and correctly.

It’d be better to say:

Data entry is a very important task for any business or organization that is trying to improve. It is a very sensitive task that needs to be done very carefully and correctly.

It’s not the perfect opening paragraph, but it’s better!

But what about my virtual assistant GIG?
Can you please tell me that writing my skills in a list is good or bad?

It’s not a problem, especially if English isn’t your first language, and you don’t want to fuss around creating long paragraphs.

If you do list your skills and the tasks that you’ll do, make sure the list is easy to read. Unfortunately, the lists in your VA gig aren’t easy to read because of all bold text. Use that, and highlighting, sparingly in order to draw people’s attention to important points.

There’s another small thing you can change in your VA gig. For your basic package, you say you’ll work for 4 hours, but you also say you’ll work for 5 hours (see in the image below). Buyers will be confused by this! They won’t be completely sure what they’ll be getting if they order from you.


What should I do to get order?

If your gigs have been live for a week and you’re already getting impressions and views, then you’re doing pretty well! Make the few small changes we’ve talked about (and any that might be suggested by other users) and wait and see what happens.

As you wait for an order, you can take courses and tests to improve the appearance of your profile. There’s a free freelancing course that you can take, which will show up as a certificate on your profile. There are also tests related to language and different software programs, which are probably worth doing as they’ll give your profile more credibility.


Thanks a lot for such a valuable help! I will be grateful to you for your tips and help. Moreover, I will also follow your valuable suggestions to get order.

How should I write the first two sentences to draw buyer’s attention? Can you please give me an example to learn it?

Moreover, can you please give me some suggestion about writing attractive reply to buyer’s request? Or about creating offer?
It would be a great help for me again. :slightly_smiling_face:


Here you go again:


Gig descriptions are spoken about in the Fiverr freelancing course. It has an interesting section on attracting attention using words (more specifically the AIDA formula).

You can find the course here:

Responses to buyer requests aren’t too difficult to write. I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that buyers receive LOTS of these, so you need to write clearly and concisely.

If possible, prove to the buyer that you’ve read their request, and relate your experience to their needs. Don’t ramble or use basic templates!

The link @lloydsolutions posted is useful! Hanshuber16 also created a list of the best forum posts related to BRs. You can find his thread here:

You’ll need to be extra patient when using this feature. Some very good sellers had to send hundreds of responses before receiving their first order from BR.


Can you please help me for one more time?
I need your cordial help. The issue is that, I do not get any buyer request for the last three days. It needs to mention that, I have got buyer request for only one time and after publishing my second GIG. But after then I do not get any request as well as cannot send any offer to get an order.
As a new seller, it makes me so worried. Please give me some solutions about what should I do now to get request.

We cannot help you obtain more buyer requests.

Right now, you are a seller with no level. Fiverr shows few to no buyer requests to unleveled sellers. This is on purpose, to cut down on new sellers misusing the feature, and to encourage new sellers to find their own customers. When you are promoted to a Level 1 seller, you will likely see plenty of buyer requests that you can respond to.


Thank you!

Can you please tell me how can I find my own customer?

Same case with me, I only got one or two orders direct from the gig, i do get impressions and views though, but no orders from the gig.

This course is great, the AIDA model is good.

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you can use “GRAMMERLY” plug-in, it will help you to correct your mistakes

Suggestions as to how to find more customers can be found all over the forum. I do not need to tell you, again, what I and others have already told hundreds of sellers, multiple times. Please take some time to read the forum topics, and you will find the answers you seek.

Being in business requires research. Please be willing to find the answers on your own – answers which are plentiful, and not hard to find.