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Help Me Drive my Cancellation Rate Down:


I have had a lot of good experiences with Fiverr. The best part is that I’ve written crowdfunding campaigns for those helping orphans and doctors trying to do amazing things around the world. One private plane company hired me which is super cool (to me. ha.)

I have since had to jack my rates WAY up and put in very strict rules to keep the nuts away. People will place orders for the dumbest things without asking me first. Someone wanted me to do work on but refused to send me the actual link to the page with the product. Instead I got this, “Third box over, this seller name, and this price!” Nowhere do I see what the customer is talking about. Uh hello everyone gets a different landing page on Amazon. CANCELLED. I am not Sherlock Holmes.

One lady ordered thousands of words about the weather in Seattle and sent over an awful example. “Write me a true snoozebag!” Rain is rain lady! When she complained about my brevity I may have told her that the example belonged in a museum to verbose writing.

I tend to cancel on people who just have lousy assignments without asking about them before buying. One lady wants seven press releases with unique content for the launch of her bracelet. You can only say so much about a bracelet being imported so it can be sold on Amazon. I have not been provided any details about the company which is pretty important to a press release. There is a press release for the start of the sale, a press release for the end of the sale, and multiple press releases about shipping. Stop the presses! I did this assignment but I have feeling she’s ready to leave me a complaint.

I’m annoyed that this cancellation rate reflects upon me. I have positive reviews but I’ve had to drop too many jokers. What are your best defenses against people who do goofy things like want to have a webinar before they have a website? Have you dropped any gigs because they were bringing out too many nuts?

Thanks for letting me vent! Cheers to my 15% cancellation rate! I may be level one for a long time. I wish Fiverr gave out an award because I could write a play about the lady who needs me to crowdfund for her new tooth and the missionary who needs 11,000 pounds of beef to take to Detroit.

I should write a play about Fiverr.


I hear you. I would imagine it’s even more difficult when you are working with a gig that gives you a lot of control on the content. I’m in voice over and the “content” is already written out, I just have to give it a voice which is more limited in scope.

I’ve had to cancel a few jobs because the buyers were a tad “eccentric.” That being said, I tend to try and avoid cancelling if I can. I do get a few “odd” requests here and there, and even some that are just plain impossible to complete, but I explain my position to the buyer and then have a go at it anyway. I had one buyer give me a 230 word script, ask for a character voice that had a long cadence to it and a wacky laugh that she had to have in the recording, then demand it fit into one minute of audio. 230 words is almost two minutes of audio full stop. I basically went back to her and said it was impossible and we would have to trim the script. (I even recorded it as fast as possible in the voice and it still came out to two minutes and fifteen seconds to prove to her it was not doable.) So we trimmed and trimmed and eventually we landed on a script, timing, and speed she liked. At the start of it all I wanted to blow her off and cancel the order because she was a bit of a nutter. But I’m glad I didn’t and worked through it because she has turned into one of my favorite regulars. (Don’t get me wrong, she’s still batty and a trial to work with but her projects are really fun to work on and she likes to tip me.) I’ve estimated that the original $10 job has turned into over $150 over the past year.

I’ll admit, most of the crazies are just that…crazy. But every once and a while you find a keeper. You just have to slog through the others to find one.

saraallen said: I have positive reviews but I've had to drop too many jokers.
It is a tricky situation. I agree with @theslackjaw that sometimes it does pay off, but only if you can find a way to get the job done that doesn't take days/weeks of hair-pulling frustration.

The only advice I can give is to 'pause & reflect' :) before doing anything on a potentially kooky order. I tend to get frustrated easily and have been known to cut off my nose to spite my face. Not exactly the road to financial success on Fiverr! What helps is to keep in mind that the reason I'm here is to make a few dollars producing quality work that suits the pay rate - not build an impressive client base.

Try to keep your focus on why you're here. Sometimes the nutters provide a fun change of pace as long as you don't take things too seriously.