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Help me explain how to work feverr

my new member wanted to know how to make it easier for me to work here

Working on Fiverr is NOT easy. Not by a long-shot. Hard work is required – there are no shortcuts to success. If you’re willing to work hard, I’m sure there are plenty of people here on the forums that would be happy to give you some hard work tips to success.


to progress there will be no word of complaining in work,
only desperate people are easy to surrender who will fall in the fight,
no hard work verbs before fighting.
if it fails to try again in another way.
thanks. :muscle:

Unfortunately, I have no idea what you just said.

Was this an attempt at poetry? :wink:


Paging :pager: @saddu_writer this lad need fever remedies. :face_with_thermometer:


just as an expression only

you are sure of that.

Signal received Nik… :ambulance: :syringe: I am on it. :woman_health_worker:

@alancoss Here, you may find this useful.


An expression I don’t understand. Is it really an expression, though, if no one knows what you are trying to express?

Janbaas is telling good if you really want to earn money then you do hard work

My user name is jonbaas… not janbaas. I think there’s a pretty clear difference. :wink:

Sorry Jonbaas it’s my mistake

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No worries. Just clarifying. :slight_smile:

@alancoss At fires need skill then start work…i hope that you will success in your life.

As this is a reply to me… what “fires” are you referring to? The last thing I want are fires interfering with my work.

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@jonbaas :rofl:

It’s just one of those days. :robot:
From fever remedies, poetry, :fire: :fire_engine: , gender bending. :weary:



Happens when Smart and Experts join us. :wink:

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Everything is easy my Friend. You just need to select or choose the work in you are expert and enjoy while doing.

Keep in mind if you think that something is difficult, then no one can help you, not just here but anywhere in the universe. So just delete the words “difficult” and “hard” From your mind.

When you will choose the work in which you are comfortable and feel enjoy while doing then shortcuts for success will be created automatically.

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