Help me feed child beggars


Murmuring of young voices echoes from a shack built from mud with a rusted roof. Inside, more than 60 children with torn clothes and unwashed faces hunch over small wooden tablets with sections of the Quran. Above them stands their Teacher (Mallam) with a small whip – the children are there to memorize the Quran. On the walls hang small plastic bags with their few belongings. In these dark, cramped conditions, the children must study and sleep on mats mostly infected with bedbugs. They are the Almajiri. Almajiri is known to be a ‘Qur’anic student’ who mostly lives away from his family under the custody of his teacher called ‘Mallam’. Though under his custody, Mallam does not feed his Almajirai instead, some Mallams expect their students to bring food to his family. Hence, an Almajiri has to beg for food to sustain his life.

It’s an ancient tradition. Poor families from rural areas across West Africa send their children ( usually from age 7) to a network of Islamic boarding schools in the cities of northern Nigeria. Often hundreds of kilometers away from their families, they receive little education and no money so the Almajiri must beg for food to survive.

An afternoon break in classes sends the children flooding barefoot under the scorching sun into the streets with small bowls to search for any scraps.

A little donation from you will make a huge difference. With your donations, I will feed a little Almajiri a home cooked meal and send you photos or videos for proof. Only $5 to feed a tummy that desperately needs it. Thank you for helping me help these little kids.