Help me figure out if this gig is okey, or something is missing ;)


Hey there! i really appreciate your help, tell me if something is wrong




Hi and welcome.

About your “unique video” gig…

I’d like to see the video sped up, with several examples, not just one. It’s painfully slow to watch, especially when we know what it’s gonna spell.

Gig description…

Main headline (largest text) is 4th row. Create a different headline to draw attention and create interest. Move it to the 1st row.

Too many references to “I”, “I will”. Selling is not about you. It’s about the Buyer and how the product relates to them.

Use a few bullet points to reinforce the products features / benefits.


  • 720 HD format
  • Available in mp4, .avi or .mov
  • Music Available
  • 2 Day Delivery
  • Free Revisions

    Loose “Video will be with a nice background music.” Just say something like “With or without music”, OR "Music available for additional gig"

    Good luck!


thank you for your help! i really appreciate that :slight_smile: