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Help me find an artist!

two years ago i found this image of a bear, i really liked and took a picture of it with my phone, unfortunately, i didnt take the artist name down and now I must find this seller. any help? heres the image! any help would be awesome!


Good news: Google brings up a Fiverr gig when searching that image.
Bad news: the picture in particular that I found has been altered when compared to the one you posted and is 100% stolen, the seller is probably a scammer and isn’t the original one you saw two years ago.

This said, not all hope is lost. Try to search a bit, index by popularity and reviews (maybe he’s appreciated by now?), see if you recognise his style among the first results, etc…

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i couldnt find a link when i searched for that image. can u send me the link? also how do you know
its stolen? ive already messaged about 200 sellers on fiverr asking if the image is theirs or not. any other help would be greatly appreciated!

Perhaps you could just commission an artist to make it look like this style?

I know this is exaggerated but still, why would you do this? What is the point of finding the author of this particular design? And design is not particularly unique in today’s time to be able to track down the real author.

Do you have some personal reasons to find this person?

Maybe you should hire detective then or something.

If you are looking design wise, this concept is very popular today.