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Help me find what / who I need?


Hi All,

Unsure if this is the right place, but I’ve been looking all over for a service I was hoping someone here would be able to provide but I can’t find it.

I need someone to post comments inside Facebook groups / pages which contain links to my website.

The groups should be about body building, weight loss, weight gain, acne healing, lucid dreaming, mind body and spirit etc…

No two posts should be the same (i.e. copied and pasted) and the posts should target English speaking clientele.

The posts need to be natural, and genuine, not sales like but as though you actually believe in the service you are selling because you have used it yourself.

Once the post has been made it needs to be copied onto an excel sheet along with a direct link to the location of the comment.

Does anyone offer that kind of service here?

Pleas help me.

Thank you.


Use the search function and look for “facebook posts” “link promotion”. You can also create a “gig request” via the drop down in your profile, but you will most likely be overwhelmed with offers from people ‘hoping’ they can do the work instead of those actually qualified to do it.


So you are asking someone to “friend” or “like” your facebook page and then you will pay them to post on your page for you? I would check the facebook terms of service as I don

Or are you looking to hire an ongoing administrator of your page?

It is confusing when you say you want people to post in facebook groups and on pages that contain links to the site…you mean as YOU?

I think you may have some problems with this kind of thing.


I’m sure you’ll find somebody to do what you want, but keep in mind that what you’re requesting is a violation of the terms of service.


A simple question… why don’t you simply post and promote yourself?

Depending on how it’s done, it’s not a ToS violation. There is nothing wrong with hiring someone as a social media/PR person. Off of Fiverr I am employed by a few businesses and organizations as a social media specialist. As long as the ‘poster’ is an actual representative of the hiring entity’s page and there is no misleading or fraudulent behavior, the only issue is getting around FB’s tightening noose of paid-only promotion.

That’s obviously not what the OP is looking for, but I’m just mentioning that not every non-personal social media post is in violation.


Reply to @itsyourthing: that is very true. And major corporations hire full time social media employees even.


Reply to @sincere18: Indeed. I saw Jack from “In the Box” on a commercial talking to his social media person.

Kidding but it is quite right that nowadays businesses of all sizes hire people to promote their social media. Facebook is mainly tightening up on people who make multiple accounts and pretend to be multiple people. They realized they could make money by not allowing that, which can be quite tough for the tiny business owner.


Reply to @fonthaunt: well, yes, true, but a business should not have multiple accounts, that would be a form of spam. But the employees can be made to be an admin of any page.