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Help me - Fiverr Account Verification Problem!

Hello mates and experts,
I started working with Fiverr on 17-01-21 and complete 9 Orders successfully.:blush:
Recently I am facing a problem verifying my ID with NID and a Selfie which Fiverr suggests.
I tried once and it was not successful. These are the probable reasons:

  1. I took Picture for my NID 3-4 years back and Fiverr sync recent selfie to verify but I have changed a lot by these 3-4 years.
  2. Now my weight is 74 Kg but then it was 57.
  3. 3-4 years back I did not have a beard.

Yes, I got another two attempts but I am really scared. If Fiverr doesn’t verify me again!
I contacted the “Help and Support” with these facts. And they told me:

“While I do understand your concern in regard to your National ID card not fully matching your current appearance, rest assured, we will look into all available options in order to assist you with your ID verification, but we are unable to manually do this, so it is mandatory that you submit the ID information via our website”.

“No need to worry, you are welcome to start the verification any time that you want.
Keep in mind that you have two attempts at the moment.
Do message back if you need anything else.
Best regards,”

So, help me with this crucial situation of my career. I have only two days Left.:cry:

I Don’t know whats the problem. But i did my verification some days ago. my NID picture Does not match same to same now bcouse Nid is very older.better you try by your mobile for verify. Take a pic your NID and take selfie at present position.


Hey dev_galib,
You can contact Fiverr support team to solve your problem. I hope that they will help you.

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