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Help me fiverr dont

i dont know what to do fiverr dont help me i have 2 gigs dont know how to get them where people can see them it says i have impressions and views but i dont know who from


Why do you need to know who viewed your gig?


Use proper keyword to on your GIGs, properly advertise it on social media

hi thank you for your reply i need to know if anyone sees it my friend tried to order to see if it worked it didnt work for her

hi i have on social media but how do i do it here

If you have impressions more than zero on your analytics page that means that people can see it.
It literally means how many times your gig was shown to other people

Q- I have not impressions?
A- Your gig doesn’t appear on search results. (If the problem still exists after 5 days, contact customer support department.)

Q- I have impressions but no clicks?
A- Try using image that gives attention to customer and try to verify your basic price.

Q- I have clicks but no orders?
A- Verify your gig description and price package.

Q- I have not views?
A- After gig creation, Google search engine will index your gig within 72 hours.

Q- I receive messages but no orders?
A- You should improve your conversation skills.

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You could try changing the title of your gig. It says “I will phychic reading friend love” which could be improved a bit grammatically. Also maybe change “phychic” to “psychic”. You could also see if changing the gig description might help (eg. things like changing ill to I’ll). Maybe see if adding another image or something to the gig might help.

In your other gig “I will write a childs story for you and your children to read and”, it ends with the word “and” which makes it seem like there’s something missing from the end of the title. If it’s a writing gig, changing words like “i” to “I” in the gig description might help.

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you can only see the stat

yes thanks for your valuable post

I suggest reading the Terms of Service that you agreed to read when you signed up because asking a friend to buy your gig is against the rules of the site.

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@maranaadams I think you can’t marketing in this forum, it is against policy. But you can marketing it on social media

You can be marketing your gig different social media platform :slightly_smiling_face: