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Help me fiverr

hi dear my earning is to slow please any body help me :frowning:
i have level 2 seller

You were able to reach level 2 seller in the 2 months from the time you’ve joined Fiverr. Hmm…

You are doing better than the average new seller already. From here it’s pretty much up to you. If you feel you need more orders you can offer more value, buy promotional services, do your own promos, buy a consultation with experts in marketing, sales, Fiverr techniques, etc. There are also plenty of e-books on growing a business. Fiverr takes lots of ongoing hard work.

You are doing best and you are level 2 in a short time while other people are struggling to get level 1 even. Try to get benefit of buyer requests, apply daily and you will get some response from there. Try to promote your gig on different platforms like facebook, twiiter etc.
Try to create descriptive and eye caching gigs so buyer should get attraction.
Nothing hard and fast, just follow simple things.