Help me fix what i am doing wrong


I am new seller here. I created my gigs 10 days ago. Though i get lot of impressions on my gig, I haven’t got any order till yet.

can u help me fix my problems or tell me what i am doing wrong so that i can start my sale.

These are my gigs:-

Thank You


To be completely honest, 10 days is a very short amount of time. Please be patient. No one becomes a Fiverr success overnight. Sales will come if/when buyers find your gigs, and choose to buy them. It is certainly a good idea to keep fine-tuning your gigs, but in the end, sales are up to the buyers. There is nothing anyone can do to make buyers place orders.

Just be patient. For some people it takes one day to start receiving orders. Other people, one week. And still others a month or more. If buyers are interested in your services, they will buy from you. Just give it time.