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Help me for better rating

How to get orders? I won’t get any one till yet :frowning:

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Haha, thank you :smiley:

Sad thing is, these copied/stolen gigs will always be around. Just a week or so ago I came across a copied gig, then yesterday I found another. Both gigs belonged to 2 of my facebook buddies. The copied ones did get deleted, but I know I will keep seeing them. Sigh~~ [-(

Reply to @madmoo: SSDD.

Reply to @landongrace: I apologize that you felt you needed to ask @itsyourthing for forgiveness.


Just by simply reading the short sentence you wrote here tells me ( and other people too I guess) that English is not your first language. I’m sorry to sound mean

here but you are clearly not capable of writing at a native level, yet you offer gigs to write essays, papers, and thesis?

Also, you need to be honest and professional, use your OWN description and do NOT copy other seller’s description if you are really serious about getting orders.

It would be best to offer gigs where you can use the skills you have.

LOL… Offer something in you are BEST… Fiverr is for such jobs only… You can’t simply sell anything. You have to be perfect in that work.

Hello don’t be upset, it take times for first order, keep try to promote your gig regular on social media, advertise your gig on other website,

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Exactly! It’s a micro jobs site, not a money tree. You have to sell a service people want to pay money for. It amazes me how many people just create any old gig and expect it to sell.

No offence OP, but unless you outsource your work, you don’t have a career on Fiverr selling word-related gigs.

Like Zeus said, offering English based gigs when you don’t speak very good English doesn’t look very good…

And I see now that on one of your gigs you also say “I am a native English speaker (USA).” Based on your post here, it doesn’t seem like it… because it really doesn’t make sense. Not trying to be mean or anything, just trying to help and give feedback :slight_smile:

How many fake accounts on fiverr??

I just opened an account Today and am hoping to make a difference with this skill. I need someone to help with my first sale and review. Pleaseeeeeee. Can’t wait to offer what I know how to do best

Hey Careerplus, welcome.

It seems to take time getting the first sale. I’ve been a buyer here since 2011, and just started selling recently. No sales here yet either LOL.

I have added you to my Fav’s for press releases.

Use a picture of yourself. People will not buy from someone that’s fake.

Thanks guys for your support and haters gonna hate.

Maybe try a personal video where you introduce yourself to the buyer…also promote your business and be patient :wink: good luck !!!

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Haters??? Woah, I’m guessing you are talking about me and the other few people who gave you an honest advice…well I am indeed a huge hater of people who copy/pastes other people’s gig description so maybe it is right for you to say so! :smiley:

It’s too bad that you did not like what I said, but it seems like you got an order so I guess I should say good luck and congratulations…? :smiley:

@zeus777 I am not talking about you.But you always discourage new comers.That’s not the way to treat other people.

Anyways you are doing great job.

Stay blessed :expressionless:

Reply to @julie84:

Since I am the one that responded in the first place, I might as well stay on board till the end. First of all I would like to apologize for assuming that you were referring to me, it seemed like it was me you were talking about me, but I guess that wasn’t the case. So for that, I’d like to say sorry.

Having that said, I believe “discourage” is not the right word.

You asked us here how to get orders. I pointed out that the mistake you were making, since I believe HONESTY and PROFESSIONALISM is the key to success. Weren’t you asking for advice??? And yes, every time someone asks us for help, I tend to respond, and my comments might seem harsh to them and you. Here’s the sad part though: for some reason the ones that asks for help tends to be copying other people’s gigs, whether it is the description or the images. Now THAT is what you should not do to the original sellers. When people copy other people’s gig descriptions and claiming it to be theirs, they are lying to the buyers. I point out those mistakes, is that “discouraging?” If I said something like “Wow, your gig is terrible, you will never get orders” that can be called discouraging.

If I see someone asking for help here with broken grammar, I will point out that they should ask someone to fix it. If someone is using other people’s images, I will advice them to take it down and use their own image. If someone is copying other people’s descriptions which does not match up with who they are or what they can do, again I will point that out.

There is a reason why I despise copied gigs and descriptions. I had my gigs stolen/copied a few times in the past, and let me tell you, it is quite annoying! People might say I should be flattered, but sorry, I just don’t react that way. I spent a great amount of time creating and editing the gig, trying my best to come up with a good idea along with a clear description. Then someone shows up and takes that away? Nah, can’t let that happen! :stuck_out_tongue: If I posted a thread like “Hey, look what I’ve found, a copied gig! Here is the link to the copied gig, and here is the link to the original one!!” that’s kind of childish, but I will defend my action here by simply saying "You asked for advice, I gave you mine."

Wow, this got longer than I thought. Thanks for reading, and again, I hope you at least think about what I pointed out.

You all have a nice weekend :smiley:

OMG…it’s a huge lecture. Overall i know what are you talking about :stuck_out_tongue:

In short you are taunting guy for everyone, especially me :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t be sorry, am just kidding :-))

Reply to @julie84:

Oh, so you mean me, huh? :wink:

I’m sorry if I sounded harsh. I’ve had some rough customers this week. The writing niche can be hard; I guess I was just trying to warn you. I didn’t mean to sound like a jerk. When customers throw your work back at you, it’s annoying!

Good luck with your orders!