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Help me for getting buyer knock

I am new to Fiverr. Can anyone please suggest why I am not getting any buyer requests? I always follow every rule like- giving time in the forum, share my gigs on social media for gig marketing and always send buyer requests. Is there anyone who faces this kind of problem? What is the way to overcome this situation?


Some friendly advice…

Other than improving your own knowledge, the time you spend on the forum is in no way linked to your actual Fiverr seller / buyer account. It makes no difference to when and where your gigs appear.

Also, what does sharing gigs on social media mean? Posting them on Facebook so your friends and family can see them? This isn’t going to achieve anything.

Just ensure your profile and gigs are as attractive as possible with clear explanations about the service you offer and your skills and experience. If buyers like what you offer then then you will succeed.


I also try to make the GIGS according to the rules and regulation also.


make your gig image more and more effective :slightly_smiling_face:. stay online and share your gig on social media , you will get lots of order via social media. :blush: