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Help me for getting orders

why i dont getting orders ? Plz hlep i create my account 2 months ago

No one can help you get orders.

Your gig images show off unimaginative work and so-so designs.

Can you keep working on your design skills? It seems like you are focusing on the software and have no design background at all.

Bad use of color, and samples are not properly formatted to fit the frame.

Not sure I would even click on the thumbnails to be honest.

Are you seriously asking me to tell you how to set up your gig images?

Are you a designer or not?

This is a deeper issue here. Not knowing how to design something well and thinking the issue is with me not telling you the resolution/screen size.

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The same situation to me…it’s very difficult here for new sellers to get an order. seriously this is enough.

welp, I don’t see it, and that says a lot about your offerings.

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Welcome to reality, Frank. :wink:


You seem to be covering a very small niche so you would need more time to assess whether or not Fiverr could work for you.

But during that time, you need to constantly try to refine your offerings until something changes:

Messages come in, stats go up, sales go through. Something, anything.

Until then keep tweaking.

Same problem i have joined in September just 1 customer come with five star

You are on the same boat as @olivier_09

Very small niche.

I understand that’s your skill, but have you done any marketing research that shows you that there should have been more potential customers?

Do you know for a fact how large that space is? Or how “hot” it is?

Do you know who your clients are?

Not sure where all the expectations come from with new sellers.

It’s good to be hopeful and to want to do better, but everyone seems to be really disappointed they are not making 4 figures a month within 30 days.

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Yeah… you are right I’m not getting the perfect customer for me. Seriously I think you have got that point that kind of services I’m offering is not getting the right market or may be not in demand.

Exactly something is lacking …like not advertised so well.

Well you need to do the research.

Find out if the users you are targeting are here or not, if they are serviced or not, and what it is they are looking for.

I’d start there before thinking about the wording on my offerings.

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Thank you so much… for your time and advice:pray:t3:

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No one can help you for getting orders .Give more time on it so you can research more .

thank you for summing it up.

Hi there,

I am new to Fiverr too(since five days) and would really like some feedback on my gig please

Is it Buyer friendly?
The statistics so far - Impressions 10, Clicks 6, Views 18. Can this be converted into responses from Buyers or orders?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

same here bro.
plz promote my gigs

same here this problem.

Here is what to do for a better ranking/more orders on Fiverr :

Keywords, choose the best 5 keywords for your gigs related to the services you are offering.
Thumbnails, High quality thumbnails/images for your gigs.( this will attract buyers to come check your profile )
Gigs titles, use some of your keywords in your gigs titles.
Description, put the keywords again in sentences in your description and be clear of what you’re offering in that specific gig.
Buyer requests, send offers to buyers, even if they don’t order from you, they will come to check your profile and then impressions/clicks will go up
Cancellations, do your best to avoid cancellations for the last 60 days by offering extras for free ( buyer will be happy/interested and won’t cancel the order )
Hope this helps.

Thank you very much for your valuable feedback, bukhari038.
I will be incorporating your suggestions for improved visibility for possible orders.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: frank_d you are very funny