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Help me get an order!

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all are doing great on Fiverr. Kindly suggest me some tricks and tips to win some jobs.

Thanks in advance


Make eye catching gigs, use buyer request properly @ashfaqur100

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Read what Josh has to say.


Sent buyer request…

i am new on fiverr and my situation is also same.

Stay online in every time you can

this step is effective?

Staying online? No, little to no buyers care whether a person is online. Their reviews and previous work or samples are a lot more important. Feel free to stay online if you want but it won’t have a major impact…

But if we have not done any project on fiverr before and this is our first order then how will a buyer trust us

I sleep 9 hours every night and log off of Fiverr two hours before I go to bed. Once I wake up, I take another hour or so before I login to Fiverr and begin my Fiver day. I do not sit in front of my computer all day. I keep in touch with Fiverr through my Fiverr phone app. I am on Fiverr for up to to 12 hours a day. Yet, I still get orders and messages from prospective buyers AND a good night’s sleep. Do not sacrifice your health to be on Fiverr 24/7 as some will tell you. How can you do your best work when you are half asleep?


Send buyer request on daily basis. When you be able to get orders from buyer request, the gig automatically ranked.