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Help me get first Order!

Hello there. So, I’ve made 2 gigs, promoting on social media, improving the title, tags, and description, use a good and reliable image for the gigs, but I haven’t got any order yet!

Can you guys please give me advice and help me with what should I do… it’s been about 3 months since I create my account, thank you!

here links to my gigs:
I will design a modern and minimalist logo with custom animation
I will design a minimalist logo within 24 hours


Check (DES) points 1 and 3, and (CPM) 7:


thank you so much! i’ll try to improve my gigs more and more

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Please check the below mentioned link.


I am a New Seller Please Check my gig and how to improve
this my gig

First, you are replying to a 10 month old post.
Second, you are hijacking someone else’s post to improve their Gig.
Create YOUR OWN post under the Improve My Gig category if you want someone to critique your Gig.



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Your “message” had been reported and is not able to be seen unless someone wants to click on it to see it. Why you ask? Well, because as I said above, you are hijacking someone else’s thread asking for help to improve their Gig. Do NOT demand others to read your message, especially when it goes against the guidelines of the forum.

As said previously, if you want your message read, make your own post in the Improve My Gig category of the forum.


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