Help Me Get More Orders plz


I’m new to fiverr,some gigs have lot of orders,but mine.mmmm

some one please help me get more orders…


me to, can’t understand what to do ?



It’s very hard for new sellers to get sales. And I thing there are bugs in fiverr search system.

I’m getting orders but slowly and promoting my gigs in YouTube and also in different forums.

So my suggestion is - promote your gigs in YouTube. Make videos of your work and traffic will come in.

Also you can give some huge bonuses for buyers for the start to get attention , ratings, collects etc.

Good Luck.



also dont forget to check the pimp my gig thread.


You have to promote your gig as much as possible, don’t expect Fiverr to send hundreds of customers your way until you have promoted the gig on Facebook, Twitter and on different forums.