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Help me, get my 1st order


Hi, All of you have a nice day. I am newcomer please help me get my 1st order. I have a good experience but not order. it why?


No one can tell you why…


You try to send Bayer request every day and try to prompt your GIG in all social media, if you continue this process you will get order must


Thanks, aishi168. I try.


It’s a bit long, but try reading this:

It looks like you are using a lot of online images instead of your own original work.
You can start from providing something unique and original.


I read your massage. but i not idea, how to change my account? check my profile and after tell me in problem.


I’m afraid I have no idea what you are trying to ask me here…


Your first request was:

You have already received advice on how to get your first order.

But why are you now trying to change your account? It doesn’t make sense to me. :thinking:


Hello and welcome in Fiverr. The forst order is the hardest thing here so you must be patient. If you are good at what you do, you will get an order really soon. Promote your gigs and you will get there. Good luck

Maria S.