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Help me get my first gig? :D

Hi there, lovely Fiverr community!

I have been part of Fiverr for quite a few months now, yet I haven’t had my first gig yet. I am obviously missing something/doing something wrong, so I would love some help from anyone who’s willing to give me some tips and critique on how to improve my current gigs.

Thanks a bunch! <3



What problem are you facing ? Pls tell.

Most new sellers reduce their prices until they move up the levels. Have a look at other sellers in your categories re pricing. May be worth a try.


Suggest a bit more detailed description for the gigs and as a new seller, it might be a good idea to let potential buyers know that the pricing is not fixed and that you are flexible to tailor an offer for any specific requirements of the clients.

Not sure if you have tried any marketing/promotions activities, Facebook group for Fiverr promotions is worth a try and you can get your gigs in front of tens of thousands of potential buyers/sellers for free. It works nice on driving up the number of gig views and impressions.

Best of luck and do not give up, you will land your first order soon! :grinning::+1::+1:

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I haven’t forgotten about this, I really do want to improve my gigs and descriptions and all, it’s just a crazy week at work. But thank you for the awesome tips @lloydsolutions and @microscopetrans. I’ll definitely take a look in those areas. I didn’t even think about FB groups, even though it’s so obvious, haha.

@arafath91 basically I’m not getting many views, I haven’t received any PMs from any buyer yet and implicitly no gigs. Was just wondering what I could do better. :smiley: Any tips are very much appreciated!


I have replied about your gig, pls check.

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Hi @spades3

A video showcasing your work will help you get sales. If it would help, I can provide a professional quality voice over for your video, for free. In return, I would need you to link my gig in your gigs description.

Let me know :slight_smile:

That isn’t really allowed - Fiverr chooses which other gigs to show along with ours. You’re welcome to link to your own gigs, but not those of other users.


@arafath91 thank you very much for your suggestions, they definitely help. I’m about to start editing my gigs with all of the advice I received in this topic.

@simonsvoice I appreciate it, but I do not believe a poster requires a video showcasing. Thanks for taking the time to write either way.

@offlinehelpers today I learned. Thank you!

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