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Help me get my first gig sales!

Hi there! I recently made my drawing gig live! Please check it out and help me get more sales. Some feedback would be great!

here is my gig

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I am new too created my gig about 1 month ago,
so i have no advice for you, only thing i know your art look good.
Try buyer request i get all of my order from buyer request.
start will be difficult
wish you luck

Thank you! Good luck on your gig too!

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Sorry i think i was not clear enough,
Try buyer request, most of time you will not find any thing, But whenever you see some thing send it
Wish you luck

Yes you were clear enough. Thank you

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I have a suggestion. Include the photo that you drew from so you can show before and after. That will help. And also, just my opinion, but the eyebrows are too dark on the drawings, but otherwise they are very nice.

Keep sending offers in buyer requests according to the Buyers demands & it will help you to get more orders :slight_smile:

Check this out: for how to get orders.