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Help me get my first order

Thanks for opening my post.
I started my fiverr a few weeks ago and since then I’ve had some ‘proposals’ but no actual gig orders-is their any reason for that?
If there seems like there is anything I can do to improve my profile then please let me know.

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There are tiny mistakes here and there on gig titles and descriptions that makes me feel like there’s something off.

Your -fake I’m sure- profile pic looks like one that’s meant to be used on tinder, and you can be more specific about your awards so people can do a bit of vetting beforehand.

Other than that, your gigs are novelty ones, so I suspect there’s not much demand for them at all times.

I’m honoured you think my social profile is fake, but it’s actually me! I thought it might help people ‘relate’ to me.

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@abbysoddjobs send buyer request everyday hope you will get order soon.
your new and welcome on fivver.


Fake for having a profile picture? ok that’s make sense. Not.

Abby - Just apply for jobs daily. Don’t forget to keep checker the buyer requests as they are often updated and it’s quite convenient to just apply direct from your phone. As to not getting any orders after the proposals, I would suggest giving potential buyers a follow up message as you never know if they will return in the future. I tend to be just extra nice and approachable, to help them feel at ease. After a while, your inbox starts to fill up. Best of luck!

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Fake for having a profile picture? ok that’s make sense. Not.

I think Frank believed her profile picture was fake. As in, of some Insta model or something.

Nice advice though. I agree completely.


You were obviously not here for the past 5 years when everyone made profiles using pics of teenage girls taken from Instagram.

You can be wrong or you can be rude.

I was wrong. Do you know what you were?

It wasn’t meant as a compliment.

You missed my point.

Best of luck!

Getting your first order is the ultimate first step towards your success. I’m also waiting for that first step. hope everybody get their best.
Can anyone here please check my gigs and suggest me if there is any space for improvement ?

My advice is to change profile pick and use any professional photo.

abbysoddjobs hy
some tips to get the order…
Always online whenever you are free and write also the description in a professional way your thumbnail means the image of your gig is very important to choose the best and create image own not copy to others…Use Fiverr forum the advantage of Fiverr forum is when you write a message for someone to help and solve his/her problem then check your gigs impression after 24 hours replying…send buyers to request on daily basis and also do SEO of your gig images and use the most searching keyword for your gig title…follow some tips hope so you will get order soon…thank you