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Help me get orders please

I have more than 600 impressions on my gig. Not a single order. I need help. Please guide me how can I get order. Here is my profileLink

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  1. You could try posting offers to buyer requests
  2. If if you are getting lots of impressions but few clicks and no orders you could try changing the main gig image (or maybe title/price if you think that’s the cause).

In the background removal gig the 2nd example image seems to have bits of rocks from the background left in the “after” image (eg. next to the person on the left’s hand and a blob just below and to the right of his knee). Also check the elbow on the left of the picture.

Also you could try gigs that have less competition.

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keep patience .speed more time on fiver . success will come soon inshaallah.


thank you so much for the feedback

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