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Help me getting first order

Hello everyone, I am on fiverr since January 2019. I haven’t received any order so far. Also sent so many buyer requests and share fiverr link on social media. What should I do? Are my gigs not good enough to grab buyers attention? Please tell me if I need to improve my profile or gigs.

This is my profile link:

I also asked this question in past and some users were very rude and using harsh language.


Assalam o Aliakum Furqan,

I hope you are doing well. I have gone through your all gigs & found that you have to work very hard on your gigs. Your titles are not keyword rich, your description needs to be a bit more professional. The part on which you have to work the most is keywords. Your gig is not ranking because you haven’t used any good keyword.

For example when someone is looking for a business flyer then we will definitely not search graphic designing, adobe illustrator etc etc. You have wasted your keywords spread by adding former keywords. Go to search engines & find the alternative keywords that are being used by other sellers for business flyers.

Have a look at my gigs. It’s not perfect but somehow it will help you.
I have written the description professionally with all the answers that can be arisen in once’s mind. Also added the FAQ for support.

Work on your gig images. Build a good portfolio. Without a good portfolio you can’t survive in freelance markets.

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Thanks for the guidance Awais. Will definitely work on my profile and gigs. Have a nice day.

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Hello! Regarding the Buyer Requests part, it is very important that you don’t use templates when you send offers. You have to tailor the offer you’re making according to each request, taking into account the particularities that it may have. There are some other tips that I recommend you to look up through the different posts in the forum about this topic. Those were really helpful to me when I was trying to get my first order.

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