Help me getting my Gig alive!



Recently, Fiverr removed my Gig which was really an asset for me (I had 127 reviews). I asked support and they are just saying that I violated LinkedIn’s ToS and they can’t even let me edit/modify thr Gig. The service I am providing since years is what other freelancers are providing too. I mean after years they denied my gig and just threw my reviews and ratings on that Gig in trash. Please let me know what am I doing wrong here? Attached are screenshots of my dead gig.




Have you checked this against the ToS for LinkedIn? It will have been taken down for a reason, but my low level of knowledge about LinkedIn can’t fathom it.


I have checked Fiverr ToS and LinkedIn ToS but I couldn’t find anything that I didn’t follow. Plus there are hundreds of user providing the same service then why me? Also, it’s not like I published this gig yesterday, it was there from Months (probably an year or so) then why NOW?


You are in violation I think. You state you have a Linken premium account which can enable you to: publish someone’s address, phone number, etc. I have LinkedIn and would not want anyone knowing where I live or even going past an email. Perhaps someone complaint and Fiver took it down. Sounds more like spam then “generating” leads.


You need to check LinkedIn’s ToS not Fiverr’s policy as this is clearly where the problem lies. Like others have said passing on contact details using your premium account sounds very suspect.

If there are others offering the same service, pass that information to CS keeping it impersonal:
“xxx is violating LinkedIn ToS”.

The fact your gig has been up for a while doesn’t make it immune to being reviewed. Doing something wrong for a long time doesn’t make it right.