Help me Guys Please


Hi Guys I am very thankful to You Guys that You are here and seeing my post…
I have a little bit problem
I got a custom Order…
And she was wanting unlimited revisions from me… I create offer for her by giving her unlimited revisions…
But now She is making me torchered … First She said me that she is wanting a T Shirt design with a Juice or Beer bottle from which beer is dropping out and writing "Juice " and still droping down…
I made a design then she said me that remove the bottle from entire side…
Then she said me remove the bottle totally…
Then she said she don’t want Juice pouring from upper side of " Juice " etc etc…
Please tell me is it fair???
I think It is nkt fair…
Buyer should submit exact requirements and if seller is not providing him/her exact work then buyer can ask for revision…
But if Buyer continuously saying that add it then remove it… And then add this thing and remove this thing…
I think its not fair…
Should I contact to customer support…
Please inform me???

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You can, but I don’t know if they’d be on your side, considering you offered her unlimited revisions in the first place. You promised her something and you couldn’t deliver.


1. Blur the buyer’s name/image as it’s not allowed here.

2. Do you offer unlimited revisions?


Yeah Dear I offered But its not fair that You submit requirements first and then You are still changing Your requirements on each revision


I was offering my services in best way but she is still changing the requirements Dear @somaginer1996


Well, you are doing your best, no one’s denying that. Also, please don’t call me dear.

But either way, you can’t do much if you already promised her unlimited revisions. The best you can do is to never promise unlimited revisions again.


Ok I will do it Thanks fir Your Help


Nika is fine, ty.


I will Provide YOU Many Revisions for YOUR complete satisfaction and Also Provide YOU many Designing Concepts …

I’m sure it’s annoying! However, this is laid out ‘clearly’ in your gig description. You cannot renege on that offering now as it would be misleading. I encourage you to work with the Buyer to meet her needs, so the order can be done & over with. If you don’t want to deal with it in the future, then remove the unlimited revisions, you could possibly do revisions for the rest of your life or Fiverr life. :grimacing:


Chaudhry saab, as both the ladies said, unlimited revisions mean you have already promised the buyer for as much changes he/she wants in the order.
if i were you, i would share my problem with the buyer ,who is disturbing/playing with you, and ask the buyer to give final instructions for the design if after this he/she keeps getting the revision then i will prefer to cancel the order then this pain in the head and will never give unlimited revisions to anybody anymore.
do you ship T-shirts with the design or just send the digital file of the design ?


It is very fair. You offered her unlimited revisions. Legally, she can keep asking for revisions for as long as she wants. This is the very definition of “unlimited”.

You cannot complain when your client takes you up on your offer. It’s not her fault if she keeps asking for more revisions. Do what you can to fulfill her revisions, and guide her to completion of the order as best you can. And then, next time, don’t offer unlimited revisions.