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Help me....Help me....Everybody


I received a signature order yesterday. He has been shown 6 signature designs, he likes a signature in it and I deliver that signature. But he gives me a 3-star rating. He can not install the signature. Then she asked for help from me and wanted to change the rating. I showed him a very well installed system via screenshots. But he did not change ratings.

Now I want to know if I can give a 3-star rating to the buyer or if I give 3-star ratings, Will there be any problem with my account?

I just can not understand what I do. I would like help from everyone. I hope to get the best answer from everyone.

Thank you. See attach a file.signature add


I would suggest you to contact Customer Support. It’s the best and easy way. But keep in mind Fiverr Customer Support didn’t like when someone has made there buyer guilty or asked them for changing review. But sometime they help if it’s right way and not illegal regarding changing review.

Just Simply Contact Fiverr Customer Support, only they can guide you best then anyone else here.

P.S : If you give your buyer 3 star then there will be no problem with your account. But if you give him rating honestly it will be good.


Rating can no longer be changed. so no use to contact CS.


It can be changed if it’s in a legal way… She should Contact CS for her satisfaction.


I heard that according to the recent changes it can no longer be changed. Even i had same problem. The seller gave 5 star rating with bad review.


You heard wrong :slight_smile: … It can be Fiverr Customer Support is amazing. They can help if you ask them but the request should be legal :slight_smile:


Thank you very much.


Thank you very much.:smile:


They won’t change it when they see that the seller in this case asked for a 5-star review in wxchange for help.


I already discussed this before, please read carefully my first reply of this topic :slight_smile:


You might get a warning about asking for a 5 star review. That is not allowed.


Yes, I am just clarifying since you keep telling him to contact CS and how amazing they are.

They are really supportive, but in this case they will NOT help at all.


I will say again that they help but “if it’s in a legal way” means if buyer is willing to change. For instance If buyer accidentally clicked 4 stars or in case buyer was misunderstand but later on buyer feels or realize that the work is perfect but rating is not. So than in this case its 100% possible :slight_smile:


OK you are not getting what I am saying, I am sorry I made you repeat yourself.

I will stop replying after this to keep the thread open if OP needs it.


The main point everyone is missing is that the OP asked for 5 stars and therefore customer support will not take kindly to that when she contacts them. She would be wise to NOT contact them in this case.


I did not miss that point, that’s why I insisted above.

I agree they should not even try contacting CS.



  1. You cant change reviews
  2. Its really dumb for him to give a bad review then ask for help when he could of just asked for help in the first place
  3. Asking for a five star review is against the terms of service so look out for that when contacting CS

Good luck


I didn’t mean you. :roll_eyes:


Try contacting the support team


Please note that you are not allowed to solicit buyers to change/remove feedback; it’s a violation of Fiverr TOS.