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Help me How to edit Feedback

One of my buyer has given me less score which I think will effect on my fiverr profile. Could you help me how to get it edited or improved? Thanks

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Ask him nicely why he did this and ask if there is anything else you could do to have him leave a better review.

Doubt it will affect your ratings as you have a number of buyers who are purchasing multiple times for your services.

I checked your gig and ratings. That buyer has actually given you an excellent feedback and score to the best of his knowledge. No buyer thinks that a 4.5 score is a bad feedback. You can message your buyer that how his rating has affected your overall ratings and you will feel great if he could revise that. I am sure that your rating will be revised. It happened with me once. Buyer was happy and left a very appreciating feedback (4-5 lines) but left a 4.5 rating. I messaged her and told how it works in fiverr. She revised the rating in the blink of an eye (changed it to 5 star rating) but removed that feedback and just left an outstanding experience. I hope it will help you.

I sent a request message to buyer but she is not online. She told me that she is new on fiverr. I think she did it because she was not knowing how this effects. She has given em 4.7 score, will that effect?

Yes, the buyer was new on fiverr marketplace and she might have thought 4.7 is great in justice point of view. But still I sent a request to her for modification/improvement of score. Will she write to customer support for modification or there’s option available in fiverr?

no need to contact CS if your order is not old. your buyer can edit her review yet, tell her just Go to Buying —> Manage Order —> Completed, Next Select and Go to your completed Order page and check near the her review, she can see review edit/modify link.

Modification option is available to buyer till three days…after that you can ask her for consent and send that screenshot to customer support and it will be done.

Let me correct you here
Buyers and sellers both have 30 days to leave/edit feedback.

30 days to leave the feedback and 3 days to edit.

Ohh yes, u r correct. There are 3 days to modify.

actually a buyer and seller can change their feedback upto three days after posting but they can post the feedback upto 30 days (if not posted earlier).

that is what I meant.

Yeah, directed the buyer that way but buyer is not a computer savvy so very hard. Can’t contact her directly too. Any suggestions please?

I don’t think it will effect your profile in any way. I also have a 4.5 stars rating but an amazing review. The person might have thought that 5-stars would look unreal. But, I don’t think 4.5/4.7 should affect your profile.

100% 5-stars sometimes looks too good to be true. Even the top rated sellers on fiverr have had 2,4,1 stars. So, you should just chill and keep working on your orders. :slight_smile:

so inspiring…

Thanks for letting me know such a great info.

I also such negative review, thank for raising this topic.

I also have the same problem.

So what did you do? I think request buyer to change it. Do a polite request.