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Help me how to get buyers on my page

hi all,

please guide me how to get buyers on my page.

I started on Fiverr many months ago. I don’t use social media, I don’t really advertise my Fiverr account much at all, so basically how I got my start is by having initially really low prices. This encourages people to give you a try, and in time as you amass more 5-star reviews and earn repeat buyers through hard work, you can slowly increase your prices. If you find that suddenly you’re not getting any orders, you’ve over-stepped your boundary and need to ratchet the prices back. The name of the game on Fiverr is money, pretty much, but don’t get greedy! Be friendly, strive to satisfy your buyer’s request (the customer is always right!), earn those good reviews and things will slowly but steadily improve for you.

If you can utilize social media to encourage more people to check out your gigs, all the better, but I’m doing fairly well without it thus far.

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thanks jnmorgan for your kind suggestions. Will try to implement

Paul is the :prince:t2: of gathering useful information for sellers who are new or struggling. Check out his post.

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