HELP ME..! How to get order?


Can anybody checkout my gigs :
Is there anything wrong ? Please guide me.

Waiting for good response,



This is just my opinion if I looked at your Profile/ Gigs as a buyer.

It seems off. It looks like a picture of a random girl from the internet is one of your gig pictures for one of your gigs. On your profile you say you have a Master’s Degree in Commerce, then say it’s in English in one of you gigs. The description on your gigs looks like it is copied and pasted from various other gigs.

Overall, it seems like this profile/gigs were put together very quickly using a lot of info from around the internet. As a buyer, I would have just moved on after about 5-10 seconds. The fact that you mention you will correct grammar and have grammar errors on your pages throws me off.

My advice, be yourself! Spend time developing your page. This is a business, so take the time and effort to create something that makes you stand out. Buyers can see if you took the time to look professional. There are a lot of similar pages to this that will be looked over. So take the time to make the changes to look consistent, authentic and like you spent some time putting it together.


What keeps puzzling me is why there are so many people with a load of experience in SEO and s!@t asking how to drive traffic to their gigs?

If a cab driver asks me if the steering wheel is the round thing in front of him, I’m out!


Exactly. This falls under the “It looks like some stuff may have been copied and pasted and I wonder if you really know how to do what you say you can do”.


Friend…!!! You are welcome to here…!!! I’ll tell a way… YOu have to send daily custom offers for the buyers requests. Tell the you are a new one and you will do the best for that client. Do it cheper.

Best of Luck…!!!


HI Kelly,

  1. send buyer request everyday
  2. share your gig on social media
  3. try to be honest
  4. upload awesome and attractive gallery to your gig
  5. response quickly to every massage

if you do those tip’s everyday your gig impressions increase and finally you will get lot’s of orders.



First you create a topic asking for help making sales and minutes later you give advice to others how to make sales.

I rest my case.