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Help me how to increase my gig impression..Thanks to all

My gig impression decrease day by day . I am new in fiverr and dont know how do i increase My gig impression. if anyone know How to please help me!!!


I am not so experienced, but I will suggest you to be online more and more.

Also, create 7 gigs and do marketing in social media.

I hope your gig impression will increase


can you tell me briefly about social media marketing.

I mostly share my gigs on Facebook & twitter. In Twitter I use hashtags.

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share your link and be patient

you can improve you gig url and title seo related

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how can i get popular hashtag

how i find latest hashtag

how to do this…

at first you need gig good on page seo.

but how

keyword set tittle and description.

Yeah, its true. Gig must be SEO optimized

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Your have to find it manually

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