Help me.. I am a NEWBIE


i just made a new gig…

but when i turned into a buyer mode… i could’nt fine my gig on the market place ??

will it take time to show it on the item store…??

please help me :frowning:


Hi @fahim380, welcome to fiverr. I Think using the buyer mode permits you to buy from other sellers, not from yourself and if you searched the gig title, there are probably many other users who have a similar title and are better placed according to fiverr’s search algorithm. So you have to make sure your gig is robustly built. If you checked out Buyer’s request,there probably isn’t anyone requesting the service you offer at the moment but check later cuz the buyer request section is very important for newbies like us. Nonetheless, fiverr gives everyone their chance.


Just wait 24hrs after creating it for it to appear in the search. This also happens when you edit the gig, add pictures or modify the packages…

Good luck :slight_smile:


Exactly, i does take a bit of time to have you new gig show up in the search (even in seller’s mode), it was the same for me.

Best of luck!


thank you so much . . :slight_smile:

:expressionless: I also tried searching my gig . … by signing out my self from fiver for a while :stuck_out_tongue: then I searched bt couldn’t find my gig :stuck_out_tongue: anyways I guess i’m being too much excited for my first gig :expressionless: . . but I started with only one single businesscard design … after uploading my gig . . isearched other ones :expressionless: and they were like 24 samples in a gig :stuck_out_tongue: . . guess i have a lotta work to do in future :slight_smile:


thank you so muccch for the information sir :smiley: :smiley: keep me in prayers O:)


:expressionless: I didn’t know about this . . bt thanks alot :slight_smile: . . . keep me in prayers sir . . :smiley:


one more question to ask …

if someone places an order in my gig…

how can i get the payment?? paypal >>?

is there anyother options to get payment like from banks?? I don’t have any paypal ac or mastercard . . :frowning: . . or when a buyer orders an item … he/she pays the price in paypal . . then Fiver is gonna save it ?? and I can withdraw the money later when I will get my paypal card right ??


Fiverr Revenue Card (Payoneer card with Fiverr logo. :stuck_out_tongue: ) and
Bank transfer (Via Payoneer to your bank account.)