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Help me i am confused

Hello i created a gig few days ago and i have click+ lot of impression but no order, same as my other gigs can you give me tips ?
this is my last gig

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As a new seller you should send offers in the buyer request option. Then you will get order easily. And do marketing of your service in social media. That’s all.

Thank you.
where i can post on social media for exemple?

Sorry about response time i was on holiday

Suggest you remove the above from under your profile image as it does not come across as very professional and will put many buyers off.

Sent there where you think you can get more client. It can be any community.

thank you for your response

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what do you think about my gigs?

Your gig about ads and ordince generate. You should know better than me.

Because your know how to do marketing.

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Every day you can send total 10 buyer requests from FIVERR account. Share your gigs on Social Media like Facebook | Twitter etc. You can earn more orders by marketing and promoting your gigs. Be patient and Try heart and soul. Remember, Social media makes a lot of contribution in this case.

Good Luck @wailmed

that gig about ads its not 100% marketing i ll show them where to put ads on there website…ect its not marketing sir.

Thank you very much i’ll try.

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I see. Okay. You can do marketing where you think your targeted audience have. Like Facebook Twitter instagram pintarest huzz snapchat and linkdln

ok i will try thankyou now i will edit the description of the gig i ll make it more professional.

Bother Don’t Worry About it.
It’s very common with Everyone.
If you Have better skills you absolutely get Orders.
Thank you

Wait, If it’s very important so do that other wise do do that.

Thank you.:heart_eyes:

i ll do it and then take a look

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take a look now :see_no_evil:

It’s looks good :blush:

Go ahead…And achieve your goal.