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Help me I am crying


I am very sad because already 2 accounts disabled by fiverr team,Now it’s my new 3rd account but fear me if fiverr again disabled my new account, So friends help me I will stay in fiverr life time plz suggest me What should I do and save my account forever.:sob:


Stop doing whatever it was you did to get your previous 2 accounts disabled?


I’m so sorry to hear that your previous accounts were blocked. Is there something you’re doing which is against the Fiverr’s Terms OF Service?

Fiverr tries to keep its platform safe. If they suspected you of fraudulent activity they will terminate your account.

If will continue doing what you’ve done previously, there is no guarantee that this account will last.

Truthfully, if Fiverr banned your first account I’m not sure if you are allowed to create another one.

What exactly did you do?


you may done something wrong.stop posting ur gigs in buyer reqst area.


No, I definitely haven’t done anything like that, but the OP may have! :wink:


had you use bad language in post?


No, I don’t know any bad language! :slight_smile:

Please, it’s great you want to reply, but could you reply to the OP who’s got the problem rather then me? Thank you!


Have your gigs been misleading to buyers?! :joy:


Please follow Fiverr’s Terms OF Service