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Help me I am in big trouble What should I do Now


Hello Guyz . I am Haris Awais I have been using fiverr for last one year . I was going to be level one seller soon but 1 month ago my account was hacked by someone . It changed my email and verification phone number . I complained customer center . They disabled that account . There was money in my account . I have all the evidence and proves that that account belongs to me . I have sent all the details to support center but they did not respond me . Its been 1 month and no response has been given by fiverr support center . I try to contact them in facebook . they delete my comment . They did not read my message there . I have contact them in different email and accounts but still they are not responding me . Can anyone help me ?


Did you send/show the proof to CS when you messaged them?


yes i did so but still they are not replying afterthat


Usually i say wait at least a week or 2 but you already mentioned that “it’s been a month”
If you didn’t send multiple messages to support center then i think it’s because of a rush hour or rush monther it’s taking that much time.


I have contacted them in facebook , message them in messenger mail them from 2 different mails texted them from this new account but have not got any single reply from them . What should i do now ?


It makes no sense that Fiverr CS would be ignoring your messages. I messaged Fiverr CS earlier this week and had a response within 24 hours.

Please ensure you’re 100% doing it the correct way. Don’t email them.

Go to this link;

Scroll to the bottom of the page, choose ‘Contact Us’. Complete the form, and then wait up to 48 hours for a response. Ensure that you check your Spam folder in the email address you use. I’m sure they will reply to you.

Beyond this, I don’t think there is anything more that anyone here on the forum can do for you. We’re all regular Fiverr users like yourself.

Good luck.


I hope I’m wrong here but I feel this may be a classic case of not sharing all the details. Did you do something to get the cold shoulder?


i have been doing the samething for last month but still getting no response . I do not know if they are ignoring my case or they could not assist me in this matter . Anyhow lets do it one more time . Thankyou


no i did nothing . Even i have been waiting for many days to get their reply but all i get was their ignorance


Well, technically, if they deleted your comment (which I assume means, they closed your support ticket), that is, in and of itself, an answer. If you’ve tried to contact them in multiple ways, they may view that as harassment – especially if they “deleted your comment”.

I’m pretty sure they read at least your first message (since they took action in response to that message). Unfortunately, none of us can help you with this. As @cubittaudio noted, we are all just regular Fiverr users like you.

I agree with @wooden_fish as well, your issue sounds suspiciously like you aren’t telling us the whole story. Fiverr does not act in the way you have stated, unless they have good reason to do so. And usually, they seem to choose not to respond when either a user isn’t telling the truth, or it isn’t an issue they are willing to resolve to your satisfaction.


It doesn’t look like it’s the whole story.
How do you know your account was hacked? Did someone withdrew money from your account? But it doesn’t look like that as you are saying you still had some money there. Otherwise I don’t see the other reason for someone to hack your account.

In TOS it’s written clearly that when accounts closed it’s a final decision and can not be changed. All money you had there are lost. And as other people stated earlier if you wrote them a lot of messages on different platforms (and it doesn’t look like you used polite language) it might be considered as a harassment.