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Help Me i am new here

I’m new here, I made an order complete, but I could not find any reviews, so I can do what I want to be a top-seller, please help me,

i have 7 gigs, how can i develop?

I also didn’t get the review at my very 1st order. After you got 10 order you will get level 1 badge, _ got my 1st 3 order from buyer Request section. You can try your luck in buyer request too. In that section you will find a lot of job posting related to your category. Apply in those jobs which you can do perfectly . Good Luck :fireworks:

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what i do now


Try :wink: :fireworks::fireworks: :fireworks::fireworks: :fireworks::fireworks:

Now I do not have any orders

How to improve my Gigs sales?

If you don’t understand, what @wp_kid described in one line, Then I suggest you visit the following link :wink:

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