Help me ! I am not getting orders


Hello !

i was getting orders few weeks back but now i am not getting orders please help me out

or share my gigs so i can start get orders again :slight_smile:

here are my link


You may do better at first selling your logos, badges and banners on 1 gig. Sales and activity on these gigs will help in the search engine. Your first 3 gigs look very similar and may be dividing your sales.

“Logo” has 20,000 gig offers on Fiverr so it is going to take some time to break into that category.

Retro Badges has less than 300 gig offers. Narrowing your gig may actually help you show up in the gig search for specific searches.

Offering 24 hour turn around can fuel your orders. You can always move it back after you receive orders.

Good luck!


@nidashah do your own magic on your gigs. Learn from others, stay tunned on Tips for Sellers and you will make a sell. Good luck!


Thank you! Landongrace for such a useful advice :x