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Help me I can\'t send buyer request


I’ve done my first order complete with a positive rating 4.35 (87%)

I can’t send buyer request any more…

It says " you mast have at least 90% positive rating to make a new offer

how can i get out from here…

Please anyone help me


Can you contact the seller who gave you the 4. 35 and say:

Is there anything I can do to get 5 stars?


Hi and if you can’t send buyer request it doesn’t mean you won’t get orders. Your gig will still be rolling on the fiverr page. I am nor sure but i think it will be temporary and you can send after few days. Again i am sure.


Thanks a lot bro!

But how long i’ve to wait??


I messaged them but they didn’t response!
They are not available since delivery

Can you tell me please how can i overcome this?


Please anyone help me


I’ve done two order…

First buyer didn’t gave review

How can i get out of the problem

Please help me

Thank you!


There is no need for you to post 2 threads on the same topic.

You have to raise your overall feedback score in order to be able to use buyer request. This works only through orders and good reviews.
Nobody can tell you how long it will take for you to get an order. Try and promote your gig on social media.




Hi there, I send 43 offers against buyer request, after that I cant send anymore offer. Its show “no offer left” instead of send offer. I cant understand whats happened.


I have a question for you, did you send 43 offers against buyer request from this menu shown below?


No, not at all… I keep cursor on my avatar photo then here is a sub menu,
I sent offer from there.


You might be out of your daily Offers. You can only send 10 offers in the Buyers Request in 24 hours. When you had sent 10 offers, this message will appear -

No offer left


Oh yes!! I didn’t know that… I think its the reason… Thank you :slight_smile:


I just got a single BR (translation related) in more than 24hours… (Translation related GIG) Obviously it had to be spam, too… Whatever it is you’re not alone.