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Help me ! i can't post


i want to post here :
but i ca’nt ?? error :


Because in buyer request only buyers can post their request. you are trying to advertise your service in buyer request which is restricted and Fiverr does not allow that. I suggest you to stop posting in buyer request to avoid account ban.


How to become a buyer
I still see people posting like a seller


This Area is for Seller only , Dont post in Buyer Request , In Buyer Request you take work Not to Sell your Skills :slight_smile:


Sacrifice 5 minutes of your time today to learn more about BR.




You’ll be banned from the Fiverr platform if you continue to advertise your services in the “Buyer Requests” section.


Thansk all !
But it’s hard to get an order


Don’t break the rules. It will be harder to get an order if your account is banned! :cry:


You will never ever get an order by ‘advertizing’ in buyers request as no buyer will look at them.


You have achieved level 1 and your last delivery was 9 days ago so just be patient.


thank you
I will try to wait.
I have spent 5 years working with photoshop in remove background
On fiverr it is hard to make orders


Don’t post your services in buyer request area.It violate fiverr rules.
But you can bid for buyer requests.Bid competitive prices.Publish your service in social media.And be patient :slight_smile:


why you can ??? :


Read this article and try to understand, what is buyer request and for what type of purpose we need to use it.