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Help me I don't see any buyer request

Hello everyone,

I signed up on Fiverr on Dec. 2018 and from then till now I have not seen a request on my buyer request.

Is there anything wrong with this?

You will likely see more buyer requests when you are promoted to a Level 1 seller.

Me too. My buyer request’s window is always empty

Did you read my previous comment? That will answer your question.

Maybe there are no buyer requests in your niche? What are you offering?

Yes, I read it. I wrote it to tell Procontent that he is not the only one with this “problem”.

This is true too. I offer cartoon and comics characters.

That isn’t a problem in any way, shape or form. Fiverr intentionally does not show buyer requests to New Sellers, because new sellers greatly misused the buyer requests in the past, posted repeated desperate “buy my gigs” spam all over the place, and failed to follow the rules and intentions of the feature. Fiverr appears to have chosen not to show many buyer request to “New Sellers” anymore, as a way to cut down on all the spam and rule-breaking.

There is no problem with your limited access. Fiverr intentionally limits buyer requests for anyone who is ranked as a “New Seller”. When New Sellers prove themselves, and are promoted to Level 1 sellers, Fiverr appears to be willing to trust them enough to allow them access to buyer requests.

That is how things work here on Fiverr.

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Same to you I also get buyer request very poor…

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@abu_raihan64, earn a promotion to Level 1 seller, and that won’t be an issue anymore.

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I knew it. But if a new seller doesn’t document himself, he finds this like a strange thing. Also because “answer to buyer requests” is a typical suggestion that many give, to new sellers too. But a new seller doesn’t find a lot of requests. And this is a right thing.

There may be different numbers of buyer requests available, depending on the category(ies) in which you’re offering gigs, even if you have no level.

I was offering a video service - it was moved by Fiverr into the ‘live spokesperson’ category,even though it wasn’t quite right for it. I saw many buyer requests, when I hadn’t seen any previously as a no level seller. Obviously I didn’t respond to them.

I’m not suggesting everyone starts a spokesperson gig BTW - just using it as an example! :wink:


There is nothing strange about Fiverr making a choice to cut down on BR spam.

It’s not strange but a new seller that doesn’t know it, can think that this is a bug or an his error, an error of his gigs.
Excuse me for my English :sweat_smile:

This has been – and still is – discussed all over the forum, yet, many of these new sellers still come and complain on the forum, rather than read the forum to see the answer right in front of them. The fact that New Sellers do not see many buyer requests is not a secret, nor is it hard to discover when it is written about all over the forum.

In addition, new sellers should never be expecting Fiverr to provide them with all of their success. A freelancer here is responsible for gaining their own sales, and building their own success. Buyer requests are not intended to provide steady orders for anyone.

Thank you vary much…