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!Help ME!I Got a negative feedback and Now I'm not getting orders

Before 7 months ago I started my Fiverr account and now I’m a level 2 seller. I have canceled only 3 orders science now and have more than all positive feedbacks. But unfortunately, I got negative feedback from a bad seller. He came to get free works. Last 3 months my 3 gigs were on the first page and 2nd page. Suddenly one day I checked my gigs. I couldn’t found them on any page. Now I’m not getting orders. Before that, I got more than 3 orders per day. I think the negative feedback is the reason? Or any other reason.Because this is the first negative feedback I got and that’s not because of my fault. The buyer cheated on me. How can I get my gigs for the previous position? Any help.Will be much appreciated.Thank you so much for your time.


There could be many reasons. The negative feedback could certainly be one of them.

Regardless of what your stated reasons for the negative review may be, it will remain on your account. You can improve your seller rating by delivering more orders that earn positive reviews.

There are no guarantees that a seller’s gigs will show up where they want them to show in the search results. The search algorithm is dynamic, and all gigs move around regularly. There is nothing you can do to guarantee that your gigs show up on the first page of the results.