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Help me I Have 80% Feedback on my order. Can I get My Money?


I Deliver my work and give me 80% feedback. But I finish order like buyers. Now its show pending clearance ? What to do it?


Wait until that day comes and that’s when you get paid; 14 day clearance process after you have completed an order.


oky it’s come to 06 may. You tell me waiting? :slight_smile:


Reply to @thariart: it’s not a choice, you must wait 14 days to see your money on your Fiverr account for every order!


oh thanks… :slight_smile: now i understand. thank you


Reply to @thariart: You should have read Fiverr TOS, but I suppose you did not. Please take a look at it 'cause there are a lot of things you have to learn before selling here. Reading the TOS could avoid headaches and many troubles for doing things you are prohibited.

About your question you could have read: “Revenues are only made available for withdrawal from the Revenue page following a safety clearance period of 14 days after the order is marked as complete.”