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I am a new seller.I provide wordpress website services.My client CPANEL SUPPORTS 5 domains.1 DOMAIN already has something on it.While installing wordpress from cpanel of my client i by mistake selected THAT DOMAIN which has already some istallatation…Now i installed the wordpress on that and SELECTED REPLACE PHP FILES.What should i do now???

Now my clients another site got messed up.If there is any way of backup or anything pls HELP!

Call customer service and get them to roll the site back to before you did the install. Do it now.

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i dont have access to their support
Hosting details.

I am so scared i even told my client

Find them. Or ask the client for them. You may be able to find them through cpanel

We all make mistakes, @parthjuneja - take a breath, focus - and fix this. Only customer service can help you. Get their details, call them, ask them to roll the site back. They won’t even be surprised.


You need to make a backup before you alter anything. To be honest, you should just apologize to your buyer and cancel this order. This could take you buyer a lot of time, work, and stress to put right. Personally, I can’t see them being able to trust you going forward.

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Search through Search Engine to get the Website and get in touch to them through Ticket Support so that will answer you on time

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The Only mistake you did, was that you don’t do back for the site when you know you want to install wordpress on subdomain.

First, check on CPanel if your client has a scheduled backup of the site.
If there isn’t any you have still some chance to fix the damage.
If you replaced only the php files of the WordPress directory, you have lost only the theme and the site settings (wp-config.php). You should still have the database that contains the actual data of the site. It could also be that the wp-content/uploads directory (with its content) is still there.


Yes i can see the content of the site while browsing that site.but it is showing in list

i was not installing the site on subdomain.It was a new domain.

It could mean that the theme and possibly some plugings are broken because some files are missing. My suggestion is to download the database, the whole site directory as it is and then investigate locally using xampp. You will need to take a look to the database with phpmyadmin to find out what was the theme and the plugins in use and so on. Inform the buyer.

Thanks mate luv you so much.They have a daily backup of that site
How can i thank you man.They told me they are doing RESTORE.


Thank you so much
Support helped


Support helped.There was dAily weekly monthly backup of that site