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Help me , i just need 2 sale


Help me , i just need 2 sale


STart adverts on facebook ad platform and specially at fb groups.


wow that’s creative idea thank you so much graphydesi


Update your status when you get your sales again!!
Take care.


yeah sure thanks again


yeah sure
thank you so much


Here’s a tip;
Your gig category has fiverr PRO available; apply for this feature.
Once you get inducted; Surely you’ll going to get better sales.


what about if we do backlinks our gigs in all social media sites


First of all do changing in your gig. It needs a lot of changes. Then you can easily get 1-2 order per day from Buyer Request Section easily if you know well how to send proposals :slight_smile:

All the Best!


Good idea @graphydesi But they ask too many things and info! Its too hard to even apply for it.


Everything that yield or present your gig to vast audience is good; but you need to have more scientific approach towards your issue; I would suggest Facebook targeted ads.
Get the data, analyze it and work accordingly.


what about if we submit backlinks of our gigs in all social media sites so let me know did it work as like off page seo?


in short – you need quick result and seo can’t give you that.
Do the fb ads- get the age groups,likes and conversion data; and work accordingly.


Focus on CONVERSIONS on fb.


You mean i share my gig link on fb groups ?


Facebook Advertisement !!


did you ever do this ?


YES; whenever i want to boost sales, I do this.