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Help me i need your help

why I am not getting the order . my gig views and impressions are good but i am not getting the orders
check my profile and help me :frowning:

We have no idea why you aren’t receiving any orders. Are you working hard to market and promote your gig to the people who need your services?

Orders aren’t free. You ARE going to have to work to EARN them.

thanks, dear kindly check my link and mention my mistakes

You’re welcome Buttercup.


thanks, dear kindly check my link and teach where i am wrong

Yanno, if you want people to give you suggestions or advice. Try learning how to use the word “please” maybe people would feel obliged to offer tips n stuff. Your post comes across as demanding, we don’t owe you nada, zilch. I don’t feel inclined to help you at all.

Remember ‘please’ & ‘thank you’ goes a long way! :pineapple:


Again, you’re welcome, Buttercup. You neither need to call me, “dear”, nor keep asking me to “check your link”. Me “checking your link” is not going to make you successful, nor bring you new sales. You already have 33 reviews – you are already a successful seller.


ok bro thanks for your help buttercup too you

please please please thank you . now itsgood ?

Your recent delivery was 4 days ago. As @jonbaas says you are already a successful seller. However, there is a little typo in the sentence below your profile image … the correct word is “efficiently”. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:




Well for starters your forum pic and profile pic (male model) are completely different. Don’t have multiple identities, stick to your true identity. It’s a turn-off and very misleading! Which one is it?

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That’s a bit too much, it’s turning into begging.
You might want to be careful with that.

If it’s possible, have someone edit and check your messages when you have
orders in the future, good/smooth communication skills are a must in business.


thanks for your vaulable cooment

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