Help me identify if buyer is fake or legitimate


Hello everyone I’m new freelancer on fiverr. I found a buyer who wants me to proofread a file for him and purchased my gig but I feel like something is wrong. I’m getting vibes that what if he doesn’t pay me after I deliver work. Is there any fiverr policy to assure me work for my money? The buyer is member since 2010 but hasn’t purchased any gig before. How do I assure that I’ll get money for my work.


Does he have a :crown: next to his name?


How do you know your buyer hasn’t bought before - you can’t see their purchases can you?

Just do the gig, and if it hits the fan, deal with the consequences afterwards.

I’m sure it’ll all be fine!


No he doesn’t have that


Do the job. Why not? He had to pay if he ordered your gig.


Your gig shows that you have one order in queue, so if that’s the buyer you are talking about, he already paid for it as the others have said. I’m not sure why you are hesitant, but you are obligated to complete the order.


The Gig in question is very confusing for a buyer.

You’re selling proofreading for $50, then the order details show:
“I will proof read one article for 5$.” Clarify to buyers if it’s $5 or $50.
Your delivery is set to 3 days, so time is tick-tocking.


Hey it was 5$ but the file size was large so me and buyer negotiated to 50$ and I changed the gig price to 50$ and my question is if buyer will confirm my work after I send him file or not.


It doesn’t matter whether he confirms or not, Just do your work and deliver timely. If he asks for revisions, do the revisions. Just try to complete it from your side and the money is yours after 3 days counting from delivered date or revised delivery date.


hopefully i’m understanding you…
the order was created for $5 and you offered an extra to make it $50? If you are upping your price or adding in gig extras making the order larger, you absolutely should wait until they accept the additional offer before continuing to work.
Did you do $50 worth of work when he hasn’t paid for the gig extra yet?
don’t submit the $50 file to him, if he hasn’t accepted/paid for the extra yet.
only deliver $5 worth of work if that is the real-time amount of the order.


For the next time, you don’t have to change your gig price, you can just ask the buyer how many words, what kind of text and whatever you need to know to make an offer and then click ‘Create Offer’ from under the inbox, then you can fill out a custom offer with the price you agreed on with the buyer. :slight_smile:


Hi @zeeshan_tirmizi,
Let me simplify this for you.
Zeeshan don’t worry you will get your money for the work you have done. A buyer cannot order your gig if he doesn’t have money. When he has ordered your gig or accepted your custom offer then it means he has paid the money. You will get your money when you complete the job.
Just focus on your work and do quality work.


Hey I didn’t know that thanks.


Hey leahemme actually 5$ was price for 1 article but the buyer wanted me to proofread whole book and we decided the price to 50$. Now I’m a very simple headed person and I changed the gig price to 50$ that’s it. I’m just worried if he’ll confirm my work and I’ll get paid or not.


Treat this as a learning experience and do the exact amount of work you were paid to do. If he paid you the additional fee to do the extra work, you’re obligated to do the work and finish it on time :slight_smile: