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Help me, I'm not making sales

Kindly help me check my gig if there is any mistake:wink::wink:


Hi @marketlord
Ur gig is good…just try hard by promoting ur gig… i got two sales by that method…


Thank you sir…:sunglasses::sunglasses:

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You should add FAQS.
It will make you more professional by showing potential buyer that you know what buyer need, understand what they problem.
You should theat your gigs description like give an information to newbie

Thank you sir.
Can you please give me idea of FAQS??

U’re welcome and don’t call me sir :innocent: just Yohan

lol…Okay Yohan…Thank you once more.

Same, I am new Also Today i create my Gig

Waow…I wish you all the best

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As my services are ok?

Send your gig link for me to view

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Waow…Your gigs are nice.


You are a new seller, Try to start work at lowest price…When you have more traffic then increase your price.


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you should learn from your competitor for this…,
and you should know better, because you are the expert here…,

for example:
What buyer should prepare before making an order?
if buyer not satisfied with your work?
final product? any files? etc etc…,

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