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Help me improve my art gig

I want to know ways to improve my art gig

Thank you!


I think your gig images is not eye catchy and your description is not attracting . Add some digital versions of your works I mean create some clean and eye catchy pdf and jpeg/png of your works. You can add 3 images and 2 pdf in your gig so use all 5 slot to show your talent. Then active at least 12 hours, send buyer requests , share your gig on social media . Hope You will get your buyers


I have a suggestion, but it’s totally up to you whether you would like to follow it or not!

I think you should offer 3 packages because that’ll give buyers the opportunity to have more choices. However, if this isn’t right for your service, then don’t add 3 packages! I’ve never been in the artwork category, so I’m not too sure on how it works there. I hope this helps!


Thank you but I don’t digitally draw so how can I make my drawings cleaner? Should I fine line them? And how can I make my description catchy?

Hi, I have updated my images. I made my horse drawing fine lined, tell me how I should change my description

Thank you I will check it out

You can find many tips and tricks in google and youtube about how you can write a attractive description.

What I do is scan what the “competition” do. That is what I have done. Don’t copy it but look at what they have done and see what makes them stand out from the crowd.

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