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Help me improve my gig and you may be rewarded

I have recently updated my gigs but sadly i have not seen much traffic for a while and i need help getting more custom! Can anyone give me structured feedback for my gigs? It would mean a lot !

If you manage to help me improve my traffic then i will offer 100 free words to any order that you purchase with me!

I looked at two of your gigs, and they both seem fine to me. If I were seeking your services, I’d buy those gigs. My guess is that you’re just in a slump and not turning up in the search results the way you used to.

Maybe change the video? An updated video is supposed to provide a search result boost, according to long-time users.

Hello Robert,

The gig description are perfectly detailed and provides all the information that a potential buyer may want. So, I don’t think there’s any improvement required.

May be you can get in touch with your previous buyers and mention that you’ve new gigs posted and ask them for feed back. They may even buy your new gig which will help you get that initial boost.

The video is brand new ! :slight_smile: But thank you for replying and your feedback !

Thank you for that idea anuphunt i will try that!